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Prescription Drug

Your drug plan covers 80% of the cost of most medications legally requiring a prescription to a maximum of $3,000 per benefit year.

The maximum amount payable to an eligible brand name drug will be limited to the lowest priced item in the appropriate generic category.

IMPORTANT! Advise your doctor and pharmacist that you are on the BC Provincial Formulary.

The BC Provincial Formulary is a specific list of drugs that are eligible for reimbursement under your drug benefit. Formularies are developed to ensure that prescription drugs are available on a cost-effective basis. It covers approximately 85% of the most frequently prescribed drugs.  Formularies are reviewed regularly and as a result, updates are made on an ongoing basis.

Exception Process: In the event that the drugs covered are not effective in treating your condition, an exception process is in place. To be eligible for an exception, you must have tried one alternative drug listed on the Formulary. An exception drug request form is available below or from the Office of the Registrar and must be completed by your physician. Completed forms may be returned to the CCSS Member Services or can be faxed directly to the insurance company.

Request for Coverage of Exception Status Drug form

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