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International Students

As an international student in Canada, you are required to have the necessary levels of health insurance. One of the benefits of coming to Concordia is we have made arrangements to provide the necessary insurance for you. This includes:
  • Basic Healthcare -coverage to see a doctor or receive hospital care while you are in Alberta.
  • Supplemental Health & Dental services - coverage for prescription drugs, ambulance, health therapies, medical equipment & supplies, and dental care.
  • Plus additional insurance for emergencies while traveling and if necessary, repatriation services.
These insurances are in place, but there are things you must do to ensure you are properly registered. Please read the following carefully and take the necessary actions.

Basic Healthcare
If you qualify, this insurance will be provided for free by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP). You must complete the necessary application and submit it along with a copy of your passport, study visa and your Concordia registration confirmation. Your coverage will be effective the day you land in Alberta provided you register in time.

If you do not qualify for AHCIP you will provided with hospital medical coverage through the Global Campus Health Plan and the fees will be applied to your University account.

Supplemental Health & Dental Insurance
The Concordia Students’ Association has implemented a Student Benefits Plan so all students at Concordia have affordable coverage for prescription drugs, vision care, dental care and other health related services. You will be enrolled in this plan. For information and insurance documents, this website is where you need to be.

Repatriation of Remains / Family Transportation Benefit
All International Students at Concordia will be automatically assessed for the Repatriation of Remains / Family Transportation Benefit. The coverage period begins on the first of the calendar month your program starts.

For additional information including benefit details, exclusions and terms and conditions; please download the Repatriation of Remains / Family Transportation Benefit brochure.


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