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Prescription Drug

Your drug plan covers 80% of the cost of most medications legally requiring a prescription to a maximum of $3,000 per benefit year.

Coverage for Preventative Vaccines is included in the prescription drug benefit.

The maximum amount payable to an eligible brand name drug will be limited to the lowest priced item in the appropriate generic category.

Eligible benefits do not include and no amount will be paid for:
a) Smoking cessation products, and medication for the treatment of hair loss/replacement, obesity, erectile dysfunction and infertility.
b) Products which may lawfully be sold or offered for sale other than through retail pharmacies, and which are not normally considered by practitioners as medicines for which a prescription is necessary or required.
c) Ingredients or products which have not been approved by Health Canada for the treatment of a medical condition or disease and are deemed to be experimental in nature and/or may be in the testing stage.
d) Mixtures, compounded by a pharmacist, that do not conform to the insurer's current Compound Policy

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