mylegalplan was built to address student concerns around the anxieties and financial pressures of pursuing legal action. mylegalplan is designed to ensure that they have a resource available to them that provides them with considerable legal coverage, a national legal network, and an easily accessible legal hub.

The mylegalplan program is provided to students who have been assessed the fee and meet the following criteria:

  • You are in an applicable credit program,
  • You are registered in 6 or more credits; and
  • You are a member of the Students' Association; and
  • You are residing in Canada.

Coverage Period

Eligible students will receive coverage starting with the first day of the month in which their classes start; if you are assessed the health plan fee you are eligible for mylegalplan and receive mylegalplan services for 12 months.

For example, eligible students with a start date in September receive coverage begins September 1st and ending the following August 31st, and for eligible students starting in January, coverage begins January 1st and ends the following December 31st. The anniversary of when you joined will be your enrolment anniversary.

If you opt-out of the mylegalplan, you are not able to access the program.

Blackout: New eligible students will be able to access mylegalplan after the first day of the month when their classes begin. Registrations attempted prior to a student's eligibility date will be unsuccessful.

Gallivan is a People Corporation Company © 2018

Gallivan is a People Corporation Company © 2018