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To enhance your existing coverage, select dentists have agreed to help students by providing savings on certain plan eligible services. In order to access the select savings you must present your myBenefits Card each visit.

NOTE TO STUDENT: Dentists are not restricted to the fee guide the insurance company uses. Therefore, total coverage may not be exactly as shown.

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Diagnostic and Preventative
• Includes polishing, two units of scaling and necessary x-rays
(must be performed during check-up) once per benefit year.
• Fluoride for dependant children up to age 18, once per benefit year.


Minor Restorative
• Space maintainers, fillings, re-cementation, denture repairs,
relining, rebasing, tissue conditioning, and pit and fissure sealants


Oral Surgery
• Extractions, limited to 2 wisdom teeth per benefit year


Endodontic & Periodontic
• Root canals
• Up to 2 additional units of scaling/root planing per benefit year


Major Restorative
• Crowns, bridges and dentures (excludes orthodontics)


Benefit year maximum of $750 and specific limits may also apply.
Pre-approval required for treatment plan exceeding $300.

*Discount not applicable to laboratory fees.

To take advantage of the savings brought to you by your student organization, use "Find a Practitioner" to access a Select Dental Partner in your area.

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