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FLEXible Benefits Plan FAQ's

The Student FLEXible Benefits Plan allows you to choose coverage to suit your needs. Below is a summary of the coverage options available. All eligible students are provided with a Balanced Coverage, and you can choose to stay in the balanced plan or “Flex” to a coverage package that better suits your individual situation. You have one opportunity each year during your enrolment period or the anniversary of you first enrolment period to Flex your benefits. To Flex you benefits you must complete the Opt-out/Enroll form and submit it prior to the applicable deadline. All eligible students are automatically enrolled in the Balanced Plan.

FLEXible Benefits Plan FAQs

What is a Benefits Flex Plan?
A Benefits Flex Plan provides plan members with insurance coverage while allowing individuals to choose a coverage that best suits a personal situation. In the case of a Student FLEXible Benefits Plan, the options are based on a base plan (called the Balanced Plan), and only the defined options are available.

Why a Benefits Flex Plan?
To provide students with supplemental health & dental insurance that can be customized to an individual’s situation or needs.

Who is eligible for the SAMU Student FLEXible Benefits Plan?
Any students who are eligible for the SAMU Student FLEXible Benefits Plan are able to choose a Flex option. All eligible students are automatically enrolled in the Balanced Plan.
How much does it cost to flex my benefits?
The Student FLEXible Benefits Plan has been created so that all coverage options are provided at the same cost. There is no additional fee to Flex your plan, the Student Fee you pay with your tuition covers the cost of your coverage.

How and when can choose a Flex option?
You can choose a Flex option in the semester you become eligible for the Plan or on at the beginning of the Benefit Year (September 1). There is an enrolment change deadline and all forms must be submitted prior to the deadline.

Can I change my Flex option?
If you choose a FLEXible Benefit option your selection will remain in force for a minimum of 2 plan years. Following 2 plan years you may elect to change to the Balanced plan. If you do not select the Balanced Plan at that time, you will remain enrolled in your FLEXible option.

If I add my Family, how does Flex impact their coverage?
If you enroll eligible family members into the Plan(s), the coverage provided to family members will be based on the same plan that the student is enrolled in. Any coverage maximums apply to each individual in the family.

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