What is mylegalplan? 
Mylegalplan is a central resource that provides students access to legal assistance and support through an on online legal portal, phone hotline, and a national legal network. The information and tools available through mylegalplan have been developed to assist students regarding any legal advice or assistance they may require when dealing with a legal issue. 
What areas of law can I use mylegalplan for? 
The mylegalplan service is equipped to handle any inquiry related to any type of civil law. 
For Example: 
• Housing (Landlord/Tenant) 
• Immigration and International Student 
• Notary Services 
• Mediation 
• Academic 
• Collections 
• Employment 
• Personal Injury 
• Family 
How many lawyers do I have access to? 
mylegalplan has an extensive network of 3,000 lawyers across Canada that are available to assist you with legal advice or assistance you require. 
What is the mylegalplan hub? 
Eligible students will register for the mylegalplan service through the mylegalplan hub. This is where you will create your own legal profile and learn more about the plan and its advantages. Through the mylegalplan hub, you can arrange a consult with a lawyer on the network by completing an intake form. 
Please visit the mylegalplan hub to register here
What is the 24/7 mylegalplan hotline? 
Once a you have registered through the mylegalplan hub and require legal support, you will need to complete an intake form with several questions regarding your legal issue (i.e. area of law, pertinent history). 
Once you have provided all pertinent information in the intake form, you will be taken to a confirmation page which will provide a consultation number and the 24/7 unlimited mylegalplan hotline contact information. 
You can then call into the mylegalplan hotline using the consultation number and be triaged to a lawyer that is best suited to assist you with your legal issue. 
What is a consultation number? 
When you complete the intake form, you will be provided with a confirmation page that includes your unique consultation number. 
When you call into the mylegalplan hotline, you will be asked to provide your consultation number by a service representative who will then review your submission and triage you to the most appropriate lawyer to handle your inquiry. 
How many times can I speak to a lawyer through the mylegalplan hotline? 
You have unlimited access to the mylegalplan hotline, however, you are required to fill out a New Consultation form prior to your call into the hotline. 
Is the mylegalplan hotline available 24/7? 
Yes, the mylegalplan hotline is available 24/7 however, if you wish to speak to a lawyer, please call the mylegalplan hotline between the hours of 9am – 8pm Eastern Standard Time. 
If a call is made outside of these hours, you will speak to a customer service representative who will assist with any questions you have about the service or assist you through the online consultation booking process to set up a date and time to speak with a lawyer. 
What if I need to speak to a lawyer in-person? 
If you need to speak to a lawyer in-person, you will be referred to a local lawyer that is best suited to assist with your legal questions or issues. When you are referred to a lawyer on the network, you will have a free 30-minute consultation with the lawyer to discuss the issues, legal fees and to ensure it is a good fit. If you decide to move forward, you will be provided with up to a 25% discount off any legal fees and $1,500 of legal funds for any incurred fees. 
Will I have to pay-out-of-pocket for any legal fees when I use mylegalplan? 
When you meet with a lawyer and decided to pursue the legal issue, you will not be required to pay-out-of-pocket for any fees up to the $1,500 per incident maximum. You will have 12-months from the time you access the $1,500 of legal funds for a specific incident to use all funds available. 

What do you mean by per $1,500 incident? 
The service will allow for $1,500 per incident support for all students. For example, you start school in September and run into a landlord issue in October that requires an in-person referral with a lawyer. You will have 12-months from October to utilize the $1,500 of legal support to help resolve your landlord legal issue. If you were to have a 2nd concern, for example a collections issue, in February of the same academic year and require an in-person referral, you will have an additional $1,500 over a 12-month period to resolve that issue. Legal support is available on a per incident basis however once you have utilized all of the funds for a specific legal issue, any additional funds required will be the students’ responsibility.   
How do I track how much legal funds I have remaining? 
Once you register on the mylegalplan hub, on the dashboard at the top of the page you will see your Legal Funds Remaining. Your Legal Funds Remaining will update every 10 days. 
What happens if I use all the $1,500 of legal coverage before the end of the year? 
If you utilize the full $1,500 of legal funds available prior to the end of the year, you will still have access to the mylegalplan hub, the 24/7 mylegalplan hotline, and the online legal library. You will also continue to have access to the legal network and the legal discounts it provides. However, once the $1,500 maximum has been utilized for a specific legal issue, you will have to pay-out-of-pocket for any further legal expenses incurred. If a second and separate legal issue was to start and requires a lawyers assistance, you will have another $1,500 available to support you specific to that incident. 
*Disclaimer – mylegalplan product and services cannot act on behalf of, or advise a member on legal action involving the plan sponsor providing the service (The Student Union/Association). 
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