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On Campus Care

 The NAITSA Service Hub Coordinator is fully acquainted with the details of health and dental benefits and has been selected  based on their understanding of the unique needs of students along with their personal service skills. The following is a partial  list of services that are available from the NAITSA Service Hub:

 • activate your coverage
 • pick up your myBenefits Card
 • pick up forms
 • purchase coverage for your spouse and/or dependent(s)
 • plan inquiries

 Please feel free to contact the NAITSA Service Hub Coordinators on any matter in which you require personal attention.

 NAITSA Service Hub
 Room E131
 11762 - 106 Street NW
 Edmonton, Alberta T5G 3H4
Phone: 780-471-7730 • Fax: 780-491-3058

Service Members

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