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Electronic Claims

Online Services provides you with instant access to important benefit plan information. We are making it easier for you to access your benefit eligibility, to determine when you are eligible for your next pair of glasses, as well as giving you information about claims payments. Online Services also helps answer those important questions that you ask most often.

Online Services includes:
  • Claims submission for a number of health services
  • Claims information
  • Direct Deposit
  • Benefit Eligibility
  • Personalized Claim Forms
  • Drug Look Up
  • Find a Health Services Provider
Provided you are a GSC plan member (ID card number ends with -00), all you have to do is register online with your unique GSC ID number and an e-mail address.
  • Your GSC ID number begins with your school's three-letter code, followed by your student ID number, and ends in -00.
    Example: RSU123456789-00
  • Click Here to sign up for Online Services.
Please Note: 
All plan members must get a Registration Key.  A Registration Key is a one-time issued number from GSC which confirms the identity of the individual.  This Registration Key can be obtained 3 ways:
1) by completing the online request form – can be found at the link below
2) by calling GSC at 1-888-711-1119
3) on an Explanation of Benefits statement from a recent paper claim

Service Members

Find a Practitioner/Pharmacy