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Policy Information

When accessing the Health and/or Dental claim form please use the below information as a guide to complete the required sections of the form:
  • Green Shield Canada ID Number: Your GSC ID number begins with your school's three-letter code, followed by your student ID number, and ends in -00.
    Example: RSU123456789-00
  • Surname: Your Last Name (as on file with Ryerson University)
  • First Name: Your First Name (as on file with Ryerson University)
  • Address, City & Province: Your Current mailing address
  • Email Address: Your current email address
  • Phone Number: Your current phone number
  • Company Name: Ryerson Students' Union
You are required to submit original copies of your claim form, receipts and doctor's referral (if required) when sending in your claim to the insurance carrier. Remember to always keep copies for your records.

Please note: You have 12 months from the date the eligible expense is incurred to submit claims to the insurance company for consideration under your student plan.

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