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Enrolling your Family

Each year, students are given one opportunity to purchase family coverage for their spouse and/or dependent(s) by completing an application form online and paying the family coverage fee. Family add-on forms must be received within 30 days from the first day of class. Family add-on fees will be automatically assessed to your student account. Family coverage is then added during the enrolment processing period.

Family coverage must be re-purchased each year and is the student's responsibility to do so by the applicable deadline.

A student's family can only be covered while they are a student on the plan.

For information about eligible family members please refer to the "Who is Covered" tab.

To add your family to the Student health and/or dental plan complete a Family Add On request form.

 2017-2018 Family Add on Fees (12 months of coverage):
Health (1 or more dependents):
Dental (1 dependent only):
Dental (2 or more dependents):

Eligible students who complete a Family Add on request form will have the applicable fees charged directly to their student account. Students are responsible for payment of the fees.

IMPORTANT! Family add-on coverage is not automatically renewed each year. In order for your family add-on to continue, you must purchase the coverage each benefit year before the applicable deadline.

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