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When considering opting-out of your coverage, keep in mind the following:
-What is in the best interest of my overall health and well-being?
-Does my existing coverage meet all the needs that I may have?
-A parent's insurance plan will stop covering you completely if you’re a part-time student over 21 or a full-time student over the age of 25.
-In order to cover all of your needs you can combine your student Health Plan with another plan for up to 100% coverage. To get more information about claiming and coordinating your benefits with another plan, read through the “Making a Claim” link here.

Already have coverage?

Coordinating multiple plans:
If you are an eligible student and have comparable coverage you may wish to coordinate your plans. Benefits under the two plans can be coordinated to increase your coverage up to 100% of the actual expense(s) incurred. For example, following payment under this plan you can submit outstanding balances to the other plan for consideration. Find out more about coordination of benefits.

Opting Out of coverage: If you are an eligible student and have comparable health and/or dental coverage you may apply to opt-out of your student health and/or dental benefits. Each student is given one opportunity to opt-out of the plans each year. All opt-out forms, along with proof of alternate coverage, must be completed online and must be received by the applicable deadline. You will not be able to opt-out of coverage at any other point during the school year. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made if the deadline is missed. It is the student's responsibility to pay the plan fees, should they miss the applicable opt-out deadline. Once you have successfully opted out of the Health and / or Dental plan online beginning Fall 2020, your opt out will carry forward.  Your optout is automatically carried forward from that point forward and subsequent years you will not be assessed the health and/or dental fee. 

Approval of your opt-out will result in the plan fee being credited.

If you are unsure about whether or not you are eligible for the Student Health and Dental plan, please contact the Student Benefits Plan Office prior to any applicable deadlines.

Please read and agree to the Terms & Conditions prior to submitting your online opt-out.

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