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Saskatchewan Special Support Program

Coverage is available to Saskatchewan residents whose drug costs are high in relation to their family income. Saskatchewan residents must apply every year to the province for coverage under the program. Residents will receive a letter from the province approving coverage and confirming the deductible amount and the percentage of formulary drug costs that they are responsible for.

The deductible is the amount residents are required to pay before the Saskatchewan Special Support Program starts paying a portion of their drug claims. Deductible amount depends on family income and drug costs. The student plan will cover the claimant's provincial deductible amount for drugs covered.

Applying for coverage through the Saskatchewan Special Support Program: Students can complete a one time application for coverage through the SSP which they provide consent to allow the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to release income data to Saskatchewan Health in order to determine co-payment and deductible amounts. Applications are available online at: Special Support Services and at local Pharmacies.

Saskatchewan Special Support Program & The Student Health Plan: Students will be required to complete the SSP application prior to receiving their myBenefits Card through the Health & Dental Plan Office.

Once the application has been processed students can begin using their myBenefits Card at the pharmacy.
Students within the standard validation period for their semester period of enrollment will be able to access their benefits upon completion of the validation period.
Claims will automatically be assessed first through Saskatchewan Health using the student's health card number and any outstanding portion will then be submitted electronically to Great-West Life via the myBenefits Card.

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