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International Opt Out

International students that obtain provincial health care coverage (MSI) are eligible to opt-out of the International Medical Plan. 

Students who opt-out of the International Medical Plan will no longer be able to submit claims to this program. It is important for students to contact the Benefits Plan Office should they have outstanding health expenses that occurred prior to obtaining MSI coverage. Opting out may result in those expenses not being covered by either program. 

Students will be contacted by the Benefits Plan Office prior to their MSI card expiration date. It is the student’s responsibility to renew their MSI card and submit a new copy of the card to the Benefits Plan Office. Students whose MSI coverage is not renewed or who fail to update the Benefits Plan Office with their new MSI card before the deadline will be re-enrolled in the EHI Plan and charged the applicable fee. No exceptions can be made to reverse this enrolment.

Submitting this form does not confirm that you have successfully opted out. Your opt-out is pending until the Benefits Plan Office receives confirmation from the insurer that your coverage has been cancelled.
Student ID
Last name
First name
Your MSI expiry date
Program start date
Please upload your screenshot of your MSI card ( NOTE: In order for us to specify your screenshot, please rename your screenshot with your student ID.)
Please enter your email
Please enter your phone number
I confirm that I am covered by Nova Scotia MSI/have renewed my MSI coverage and want to waive the International Medical Plan coverage.
Please check the validation date or place as showed above on your MSI Card, if it is valid, select Yes, otherwise select No for this option.