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Frequently Asked Questions

Why a health and dental plan?
Costs for dental and health services are at an all-time high and show no sign of reprieve. Students on fixed incomes are especially susceptible to these increases, and the last thing they want to spend these fixed monies on is an unforeseen accident, dental or medical procedure.
Putting even routine procedures off can have monumental effects for students, as missing classes or study time can have disastrous consequences. Considering these points, TWU is considering a reasonably priced health and dental insurance plan for its full-time students. This plan can aid students in:
obtaining affordable coverage not otherwise available to individual students
replacing coverage no longer provided by parents or an employer’s plan
maintaining a basic level of health while students pursue their studies

Why is the plan mandatory?
With a mandatory plan, the insurance risk is spread over a larger number of students. This lowers the cost per student, making the fee in a range that is affordable to students. An individual health and dental plan can cost as much as five times the current student fee.

Is this plan the same as provincial health care?
No. The proposed plan is an extended health and dental plan, which supplements existing provincial health care. It DOES NOT replace provincial health care. Student benefits are payable after any provincial health care benefits have been exhausted. This plan does not cover user fees.

Who do I contact for claims related issues?
Students must contact Gallivan: Student Health & Wellness customer service directly to inquire about payment status and claims history details.

Who do I contact for eligibility and enrolment inquiries?
Students must contact Gallivan: Student Health & Wellness customer service directly to inquire about eligibility and enrolment inquiries.

How do I pay the plan fees?
The fees for the health and dental plans will be assessed automatically by TWU at registration if you meet the eligibility criteria previously listed.

What if I already have coverage?
Coordination of Benefits: Benefits under the two plans can be coordinated to increase student coverage up to a total of 100 per cent of the actual expense(s) incurred. For example, following payment under this plan, students can submit outstanding balances to the other plan for consideration. 

Waiving the Student Benefits: Eligible students with comparable health and-or dental coverage may apply to waive benefits. Each student is given an opportunity to waive benefits under the health and/or dental plan(s) each year. Students only have to opt out once! Once a student’s waiver has been accepted, the waiver will remain in force as long as they are an eligible student. Approval of waiver forms will result in the plan fee being refunded.

Can I add my family to the plan?
Each year, students will be given one opportunity to purchase family coverage for their spouse and-or dependant(s) by completing an application form and paying the family coverage fee. A student’s family can only be covered while they are a student on the plan.

When would coverage begin and end?
For eligible students starting in the Fall semester, coverage begins September 1 and ends August 31. For eligible students starting in the Winter semester, coverage begins January 1 and ends August 31. Students enrolled in short-term programs will not be eligible for the plan.

How much will the plan cost?
The proposed plan would provide most students with extended health benefits and dental benefits at a cost of $370 per year.

When will the referendum take place?
The referendum will take place at each campus and program centre during the week of June 14th and 15th, 2018.

If the referendum goes through, when will the plan be offered?
If the referendum goes through, the plan will be implemented September 1, 2018.

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