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Proposed Benefits

Health Plan Coverage

Prescription Drug Coverage
(Reimbursed at 80% up to $3,000 per benefit year. Based on the BC formulary)

Paramedical Practitioners
(The services of the following practitioners are covered at 80% up to $25 per visit, with an annual maximum of $300 per person, per type of practitioner, per benefit year)
• Chiropractor
• Physiotherapist*
• Registered Massage Therapist*
• Psychologist or Social Worker
• Speech Therapist*
• Podiatrist or Chiropodist*

Medical Equipment
(wheel chairs, walkers, hospital beds, traction kits, braces, crutches, splints, trusses, diabetic Supplies, such as blood glucose monitors and lancets, prosthesis)


Private Duty Nurse

Hospital, Ambulance

Vision Coverage

Critical Illness

Travel Coverage

*physician’s prescription/referral required.

Dental Plan Coverage

Overall plan maximum of $600 per benefit year

Basic Dental Services
The plan covers 80% for basic dental services:
• Recalls include exams, bitewing X-rays, fluoride treatments and cleanings once every 12 months, based on first paid claim
• Complete, general or comprehensive oral exams, full mouth x-rays and panoramic x-rays, once every 3 years based on first paid claim
• Basic restorations, fillings and inlays

The plan covers 50% for services associated oral surgery, including: extractions, not more than 2 wisdom teeth per benefit year

Endodontic, Periodontic, and Other Oral Surgery
The plan covers 20% of endodontic, periodontic, and other oral surgery including:
• root canal therapy
• occlusal equilibration, not more than 4 units per benefit year
• periodontal appliances, not more than 1 appliance per arch in any period of 24 months
• periodontal appliance repairs, maintenance and adjustments, not more than 4 adjustments per benefit year
• other oral surgical services