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The dental benefits provided under the Managed Dental Plan are provided through a specific network of dental centres. Click here to see a listing of centres.
Managed Dental Providers are experienced practitioners who provide quality dental care to students at a preferred rate. Please contact the SU Health and Dental Plan Office or use the "Find a Practitioner" option to access your Managed Dental Provider details. The managed dental program is provided to ensure students can maintain their basic dental health, without having to incur the increasing dental fees associated with dental care.
Claims are submitted automatically through the Managed Dental Centre.

Services performed by Dental Providers outside the Managed network will not be eligible for reimbursement.

Services are covered at rates outlined in the 1997 Alberta Dental Association Fee Guide for General Practitioners, plus inflationary adjustments as determined by the Dental Provider. Should your dentist charge fees in excess of the fee guide, the additional costs are not covered.

Dental Providers
The dental plan requires that you use specified dental centres. All required treatment is carried out or arranged by a Managed Dental Centre. Payment for covered portions of eligible services will be handled by the Dental Provider. If you are coordinating benefits between your student dental plan and another dental plan, you must still use one of the Managed Dental Centres.

Pre-determination/Pre-authorization for dental treatment exceeding $500, the student and Managed Dental Centre will need to discuss treatment plan and/or payment arrangements.

* Please note: the dentist or dental centre listing may be subject to change.

If you need to cancel your dental appointment, 48 business hours notice is expected. If you do not give 48 hours notice, the dental office may charge a fee which is not covered under the plan.

Emergency Dental
If an emergency exam is required by a covered person, who at the time of incident and exam is more than eighty (80) kilometers away from Calgary, payment will be limited to that of an emergency exam and single periapical x-ray. The maximum amount payable will be $75 per covered person.

Your plan covers up to a maximum of $750 per benefit year.

Fully Covered Services

Diagnostic & Preventative
Your plan covers 100% of the expense for diagnostic and preventative procedures including:
• examination, 1 per benefit year
• complete series of x-rays, 1 in any period of 36 months
• bitewings, not more than 4 films per benefit year
• polishing, 1 unit per benefit year
• scaling, 2 units per benefit year
• fluoride, under 15 years of age, 1 treatment per benefit year

Partially Covered Services
Partial coverage for restorative, surgery and other dental services (beyond diagnostic & preventative) are eligible under this plan when required for restoring dental health or when medically necessary.

If you have supplemental or existing dental coverage through a third party benefits provider, you may co-ordinate you coverage to increase you total coverage to 100% of actual expense. Your Dental Provider may submit the uncovered portion of your expense directly to your supplemental insurer or third party benefits provider. You are responsible for any portion of the Partially Covered Services that is not actually paid under this Managed Dental Plan or by another benefits provider.

Minor Restorative
Your plan covers 80% of the Fee Guide Rate for services associated with dental health restoration, including:
• space maintainers and maintenance, under 15 years of age
• amalgam and tooth coloured fillings, 1 per tooth in any period of 24 months
• stainless steel and plastic full coverage restorations, under 15 years of age, 1 per tooth in any period of 24 months
• pit and fissure sealants, under 16 years of age, 1 replacement per tooth, per lifetime, on permanent molars

Other Restorative
Your plan covers 50% of the Fee Guide Rate for services associated with other dental health restoration, including:
• denture adjustments and repairs
• denture relining, rebasing and tissue conditioning, 1 treatment in any period of 36 months
• recementation of fixed prosthesis

Oral Surgery
Your plan covers 50% of the Fee Guide Rate for services associated with, medically necessary surgical extractions, including:
• wisdom teeth, limited to 2 teeth per patient, per benefit year
• periapical x-rays
• anaesthesia, eligible when done in conjunction with Oral Surgery
• panoramic, 1 in any period of 36 months

Your plan covers 50% for endodontic services including:
• root canal therapy

Your plan covers 50% of the Fee Guide Rate for periodontic services including:
• additional scaling and/or root planing, maximum 2 units per benefit year

Major Restorative
Your plan covers 15% of the Fee Guide Rate for major restorative services including:
• crowns
• bridges
• dentures

Replacement of an existing crown, bridge or dentures is an eligible expense if the replacement is required to replace an existing crown, bridge or denture which was installed less than 5 years before the replacement.

Service Members

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