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Want to know the coverage and the limits and exceptions of your Plan?

International Student Emergency Health Insurance Plan

The International Emergency Health Insurance Plan provides coverage to International Students in the event of an emergency medical occurrence, accident, or illness while they are studying in Canada at Bow Valley College. A pre-existing exclusion may apply to medical conditions and/or symptoms that existed before you came to Canada for study.

Bow Valley College - International Student Emergency Health Insurance - MSH International

Organization: Bow Valley College

In case of an emergency contact Intrepid 24/7™ for assistance at:
Toll Free: +1 833-366-0873
Direct Dial Collect: +1 416-987-2247

What is covered?

Please download a Summary of your International Student Emergency Health Insurance Plan for the 2022-2023 Coverage Period.

Limitations and Exclusions

An exclusion is a condition or instance that is not covered by the International Student Emergency Health Insurance Plan. It's important to review and understand exclusions to the plan before using your benefits.

Direct Billing Networks

You are not required to use the clinics listed below, however the following clinics are set up to bill certain (and in some cases all) of your eligible medical expenses directly to Intrepid 24/7™.

In the event that you are unable to access direct billing and are required to submit a claim, you must ask the clinic or hospital where you received treatment for a copy of all the medical records related to your visit. This information needs to be included when submitting the claim. Please follow the instructions under submitting claims.

Should you require immediate medical attention due to an illness, injury, or accident, please contact Intrepid 24/7™ immediately at the following numbers - 1.866.472.8356 or +1 647.288.3065 toll-free from Canada and the USA collect where available, unless you have an emergent medical occurrence, please dial 911.

Calling prior to walking into a clinic will help you to manage the clinic choices and allow the call center to confirm your booking with the specified clinic and provide them with a Verification of Benefits (VOB), allowing for your visit to be direct billed to the insurer. You may also email the Intrepid 24/7™ call center assistance team at:

Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm EST
Phone: 1-877-746-5566 ext. 7249

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