Your mental health should always be a priority! mywellness provides students with specific tools, resources and support to achieve the student life and mental health balance. Students have access to a free and anonymous Mental Health Assessment, Video Counselling at great rates, Financial Education, and a number of other resources.

Your Online Mental Health Support

mywellnessplan provides immediate support and resources for students experiencing Mental Health issues through a free Mental Health assessment, video counselling, and tools that help with student-life and mental-health balance.

mywellnessplan Plan

mywellnessplan Services

Discover a wide variety of helpful solutions and important information to help you achieve optimal Mental Health. No matter how busy you may be, your Mental Health needs to be a priority.

Mental Health Assessment

Mental Health Assessment

Taking the first step towards better Mental Health can be intimidating, but students can feel at ease when taking the free, anonymous, and confidential mywellnessplan Mental Health assessment.

Online Counselling

Online Counselling

Everyone needs someone to talk to, and our online counselling service is a safe, secure, and confidential way for students to speak to a counsellor, matched to their needs, at a time that works best for them.

KOFE - Financial Wellness

KOFE - Financial Wellness

Everyone needs financial coaching and educational instruction. KOFE provides you with Knowledge of Financial Education through various online and in-person supports that you need to take control of your finances and to feel more empowered.

My Toolbox

My Toolbox

You are unique, and there is no "one size fits all" option when it comes to Mental Health. Using my toolbox, you can find helpful and important resources and information to help you strengthen your Mental Health.

mywellnessplan is open to all students regardless of their enrollment in their Student Health and Dental Insurance Plan, and what's even better is that you can continue to use mywellnessplan even after you've graduated!

Students are provided with a variety of benefits through mywellnessplan:

  • Reduced wait times to see a counsellor
  • Increased awareness and understanding of Mental Health
  • A collaborative approach to care between students and staff
  • Personalized Action Plan for coping and managing Mental Health
  • Tailored supports and resources
Students experience Mental Health

Many post-secondary students experience Mental Health issues, making it difficult to function in school while maintaining a positive and productive lifestyle. Finding appropriate resources can also be very daunting, and through mywellnessplan these challenges are validated by providing students with a full cycle of support through awareness, education, and care, all in one place.

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