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Extended Health and Dental Plan - Canada Life Policy 159908

myBenefits at a Glance

The highlights below are provided as general information. Coverage for eligible costs are based on the contract detail. Reasonable and customary rates will be applied. Select the benefit for additional coverage details.

Reimbursed at 100%, limited to $250 per occurrence.
(please click Supplemental Health for details.)

Prescription Drugs:
Reimbursed at 100% to a maximum of $1,500 per benefit year.
Based on the National Formulary with a generic rider.
(please click Prescription Drug for details.)

Reimbursed at 100%, $65 for one eye exam, $150 for glasses or contact lenses every 24 months.
(please click Vision for details)

Health Practitioners:
The services of paramedical practitioners are reimbursed at 100% to a maximum of $500 based on reasonable and customary charges, per benefit year. Practitioners must be registered and licensed in their field of practice.
(please click Supplemental Health for details.)

Medical Equipment & Supplies:
Reimbursed at 100%. A physician's prescription is required. Pre-authorization is suggested.
(please click Supplemental Health for details.)

Dental Coverage:
Exams covered at 80% once per benefit year. Overall plan maximum of $750 per benefit year.
(please click Dental for details.)

After 15 days of confinement due to illness or injury.
(please click Other Insurances for details.)

Tuition Insurance:
$10,000 lifetime maximum
(please click Tuition Benefit for details.)

NOTE: In the event of any discrepancy between the information herein and our contract with the insurer, the terms of the contract will apply.

International Opt-In Emergency Health Insurance Plan

Norquest International Opt-In Emergency Plan – MSH International – myCanadaPlan, Select

Organization: Student Association of Norquest College

In case of an emergency contact Intrepid 24/7 for assistance:
Toll Free: 1 (833) 366 0873
Direct Dial Collect - 1 (416) 987 2247

Review myCanadaPlan, Select Policy Document

Tuition Benefit

You may become eligible for a Tuition Benefit if a disability exclusively prevents you from being able to carry on your usual studies for at least 60 consecutive days and you receive continuous treatment by a physician or specialist during that time. Benefits are payable only for the current academic period.

If, before you became insured for this benefit, you obtained medical care for the disease or injury causing your disability, you will not be eligible for the benefit unless:

1. you become disabled after you have been continuously insured under this benefit for one year, or
2. you did not obtain medical care for the disease or injury for a continuous period of 90 days ending on or after the date you became insured for this benefit.

Please contact the Student Benefits Office regarding Tuition Insurance Claims as it falls within a specific category of claims which involve specialized claim forms that will be supplied to you

Supplemental Health

Your plan covers of 100% to a maximum of $250 per occurrence for licensed ground ambulance or emergency air service that transports the patient to the nearest hospital equipped to provide the required treatment when the physical condition of the patient prevents the use of another means of transportation. If the patient requires the services of a registered nurse during the flight, the services and return airfare for a registered nurse are covered.

Student benefits are payable after any Provincial Health Care benefits have been exhausted. This plan does not cover user fees. Student specific rates are available for some of the indicated services, information can be found in Select Savings. Practitioners must be registered and licensed in their field of practice.

The services of the following practitioners are covered at 100% to a maximum of $500 based on reasonable and customary charges, per practitioner, per benefit year.

• acupuncture
• physiotherapist or athletic therapy
• registered massage therapist
• speech language pathologist
• chiropractor, including 1 x-ray examination per benefit year
• naturopath
• psychologist or social worker

Medical Equipment & Supplies
It is recommended that an application for pre-approval be submitted to the insurer for any item that would be claimed under the Medical Services & Supplies benefit.

Medical Equipment
Your plan covers 100% of reasonable and customary charges for eligible equipment when prescribed by a physician. Eligible durable equipment includes, but is not limited to, items such as:

• wheel chairs
• wheel chair repairs (lifetime maximum of $250)
• walkers
• hospital beds
• traction kits

Trusses, Crutches, Splints, and Braces
Your plan covers 100% of reasonable and customary charges when prescribed by a physician and are not solely for athletic use for braces, crutches, splints, and trusses.

Your plan covers 100% of reasonable and customary charges when prescribed by a physician for artificial limbs or other prosthetic appliances.

Your plan covers 100% up to a maximum of $150 per benefit year for Custom-Made Orthopaedic shoes when they are required for the correction of deformity of the bones and muscles and provided they are not solely for athletic use and are prescribed by a physician, podiatrist, chiropodist or chiropractor. Modifications, repairs and adjustments to custom-made orthopaedic shoes are covered without a prescription.

*IMPORTANT It is strongly recommended that a pre-determination/estimate be submitted to Canada Life to ensure that the guidelines set out by Canada Life for the payment of Orthopaedics are met and to confirm that your claim would be eligible.
Dental Accident
IMPORTANT! Dental Accident Pre-determination: An estimate for all dental accident services MUST be submitted to the health plan insurer. If you go ahead with treatment without a pre-determination being approved, you are doing so at the risk of the expenses being yours.

The plan covers 100% of the cost of the services of a dental surgeon, limited to the fees provided in the current General Practitioners fee guide, including dental prosthesis, required for the treatment of a fractured jaw or accidental injuries to natural teeth or jaw if caused by external, violent and accidental means. Services must be performed within 12 months of the accident. If a dental accident occurs, the health plan’s dental accident provision will pay benefits before the dental plan.

Prescription Drug

Your drug plan covers 100% of the cost of most medications legally requiring a prescription to a maximum of $1,500 per benefit year.

Your drug plan includes coverage at 80% for smoking cessation products that legally require a prescription to a lifetime maximum of $500.

Your drug plan includes $100 for vaccines every benefit year (included in overall prescription drug maximum of $1,500).

The maximum amount payable to an eligible brand name drug will be limited to the lowest priced item in the appropriate generic category.

IMPORTANT! Advise your doctor and pharmacist that you are on the National Formulary.

The National Formulary is a specific list of drugs that are eligible for reimbursement under your drug benefit. Formularies are developed to ensure that prescription drugs are available on a cost-effective basis. It covers approximately 85% of the most frequently prescribed drugs. Formularies are reviewed regularly and as a result, updates are made on an ongoing basis. To see what is included on the formulary click here and use the Prescription Search tool.

Exception Process: In the event that the drugs covered by the Formulary are not effective in treating the condition, an exception process is in place. To be eligible for an exception, you must have tried one alternative drug listed on the Formulary. An exception drug request form is available below or from your Benefits Plan Office and must be completed by your physician. Completed forms may be returned to SANC Student Benefits Plan Office or can be faxed directly to the insurance company.

Request for Coverage of Exception Status Drug form


Your plan covers 100% of the cost of one eye examinations, to a maximum of $65, by an ophthalmologist or optometrist in a 24 month period from the date of service. Based on reasonable and customary charges.

Your plan covers 100% of cost for the purchase of eyeglasses and/or contact lenses to a maximum of $150, once during a 24 month period from the first date of purchase. Based on reasonable and customary charges.


Payment of dental benefits is based on the General Practitioners Dental Association suggested fee guide or the Insurance Reimbursement Rate set by the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc. (CLHIA) when a fee guide is not available. For services provided by a dental specialist, payment is based upon the General Practitioners Dental Association suggested fee guide.

Alternate Benefit - When there are two or more courses of treatment available to adequately correct a dental condition, reimbursement may be based on the cost of the least expensive treatment, which provides adequate care to the Insured.

IMPORTANT! Please submit a pre-determination/pre-authorization to the insurance carrier prior to treatment of specialist services and any treatment plan exceeding $500.

Your plan covers up to a maximum of $750 per benefit year.

Diagnostic & Preventative
Your plan covers 80% for diagnostic and preventative procedures including:
• recall examination, 1 per benefit year
• initial or complete exams, once every 36 months
• specific or emergency exams
• complete series of x-rays (not eligible for dependents under 12) and periapical, up to 16 films including bitewings, 1 in any period of 36 months
• bitewings, not more than 4 films per benefit year
• panoramic, 1 in any period of 36 months
• polishing, 1 unit per benefit year
• scaling, 2 units per benefit year
• fluoride, under 19 years of age, 1 treatment per benefit year
• oral hygiene instruction, 1 treatment per lifetime
• pit and fissure sealants, under 19 years of age, 1 per molar in any period of 36 months
• anaesthesia, eligible when done in conjunction with a covered dental procedure
Minor Restorative
Your plan covers 70% for services associated with dental health restoration, including:
• space maintainers and maintenance, under 15 years of age
• amalgam and tooth coloured fillings, 1 per tooth in any period of 24 months
• stainless steel and plastic full coverage restorations, under 15 years of age, 1 per tooth in any period of 36 months
• recementation of existing restorations
• denture adjustments and repairs
• relining, rebasing and tissue conditioning, one treatment in any period of 36 months
Oral Surgery
Your plan covers 50% for services associated with surgical extractions, including:
• extractions, not more than 2 wisdom teeth per benefit year
• anaesthesia, eligible when done in conjunction with Oral Surgery

Your plan covers 50% for endodontic services including:
• root canal therapy
Periodontic and Other Oral Surgery
Your plan covers 50% for periodontic services including:
• up to 5 additional units of scaling and/or root planing per benefit year
• occlusal equilibration, not more than 4 units per benefit year
• periodontal appliances, not more than 1 appliance per arch in any period of 24 months
• periodontal appliance repairs, maintenance and adjustments, not more than 4 adjustments per benefit year
• other oral surgical services

Other Insurances

Your plan covers 80% up to $15 per hour to a maximum of $1,000 per benefit year for private tutorial service if the student is confined to home or hospital for a minimum of 15 consecutive school days.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment *
Your plan provides coverage for the loss of life or limb and for paralysis caused by an accident. The amount of your life benefit is $15,000. Please contact health and dental plan office for a complete schedule of losses.

*Applicable to the Student only.

Travel Insurance

Emergency Out of Province Medical and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage

Provides coverage of up to a maximum of $5 million per insured person per coverage period for certain expenses incurred as a result of an emergency while travelling on trips that originated from your Canadian province or territory of residence. It is important to remind you that this coverage is not available in the province where you attend the school or in your country of origin. Your coverage period is 180 days per trip. Coverage is subject to the terms and conditions provided in the Benefits Booklet.

This insurance product is underwritten by AIG Insurance Company of Canada. If you are travelling, download the Travel Medical Assistance Card.

Eligible students enrolled in the Extended Health Plan have this Emergency Travel Assistance coverage. Students must be covered by a Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP) of a Canadian province or territory or equivalent.

Students covered under the travel policy are in one of the following two classes; this information may be needed if you are contacting AIG regarding your coverage.

  • Policy Number: SRG 9429075
  • Class I: Domestic Student
  • Class II: Foreign Student

If students add their family members to the Student Health Plan, they are also covered by the Emergency Travel Assistance and must be covered by a Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP) of a Canadian province or territory or equivalent.

Personal Health Risk Assessment

The Personal Health Risk Assessment can be used to create a health profile, build an action plan to support your health and wellness needs and track progress.
Watch a short video about Personal Health Risk Assessment.


Limitations and Exclusions to Extended Health Benefits
No benefit is payable for:
1) expenses for which benefits are payable under a Workers' Compensation Act or a similar statute;
2) expenses incurred due to intentionally self-inflicted injuries;
3) expenses incurred due to civil disorder or war, whether or not war was declared;
4) expenses incurred due to committing a criminal offense or provoking an assault;
5) expenses for which benefits are payable under a government plan;
6) expenses for benefits which are legally prohibited by the government from coverage;
7) Services or supplies received outside of Canada;
8) expenses for drugs which, in the insurer's opinion, are experimental;
9) expenses for dietary supplements, vitamins and infant foods;
10) expenses for contraceptives (other than oral);
11) expenses for drugs if they are used for the treatment of infertility;
12) expenses for "in vitro" or "in vivo" procedures, or any other infertility procedures;
13) dental expenses, except those specifically provided under eligible expenses for treatment of accidental injuries to natural teeth;
14) utilization fees which are imposed by the Provincial Health Care Plan for the use of a service;
15) expenses for the regular treatment of an injury or disease which existed before the member's or dependant';s departure from his/her province of residence; or
16) any other exclusion identified in the policy contract.

Limitations and Exclusions to Dental Benefits
No benefit is payable for:
1) any cause for which the insured may apply for and receive protection, exemption or compensation under any Worker' Compensation Act;
2) self-inflicted injuries while sane or insane;
3) war, insurrection or hostilities of any kind, whether or not the insured was a participant in such actions;
4) participation in any riot or civil commotion;
5) Services or supplies received outside of Canada;
6) committing or attempting to commit a criminal offence or provoking an assault;
7) any group or policyholder sponsored dental care or treatment;
8) any dental care, treatment or supplies primarily for cosmetic purposes;
9) failing to keep scheduled appointments;
10) file transfers, the completion of claim forms or other documentation;
11) any dental treatment for the correction of temporomandibular joint dysfunction;
12) replacement of mislaid, lost or stolen appliances;
13) expenses for full mouth reconstructions for vertical dimension correction or to repair or restore teeth damaged or worn due to attrition or vertical wear or to restore occlusion;
14) any services or supplies for implantology, including tooth implantation and surgical insertion of fabricated implants;
15) any dental procedure which is not listed in the descriptions of dental benefits indicated herein;
16) charges that are in excess of the fees stated in the Dental Association General Dentist Fee Guide applicable to this benefit;
17) where coverage for services is provided under any government plan;
18) where services would be provided without charge in the absence of this policy; or
19) any other exclusions identified in the policy contract.
If you are looking for coverage information and enrolment forms for the International Emergency Health Insurance program, click here.

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