Your mental health should always be a priority! mywellness provides students with specific tools, resources and support to achieve the student life and mental health balance. Students have access to a free and anonymous Mental Health Assessment, Video Counselling at great rates, Financial Education, and a number of other resources.

KOFE - Financial Wellness

Everyone needs financial coaching and educational instruction. KOFE provides you with Knowledge of Financial Education through various online and in-person supports that you need to take control of your finances and feel more empowered.

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mywellnessplan and KOFE have partnered to bring you a pool of online tools to promote financial stability.

Accessing KOFE - Financial Wellness has never been easier!

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Seminars and Webinars

KOFE's financial coaches can help you maximize your financial expertise with live webinars or seminars. Learn identity protection skills, create budgets, improve retirement planning, or rebuild your credit.

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Financial Tools

You can choose from an array of tools depending on your preference. From publications to videos or personal conversations, these options encourage learning at a gradual pace.

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Financial Coaching

KOFE only employs qualified financial coaches who are available full-time to deliver customized advice on budgeting, reading credit reports, and other personal financial matters when you require assistance.

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Interactive Courses

Students can take financial education courses from any location and evaluate their educational experience once they finish the test at the end of each course.

Are you ready to learn about personal finances?

Take the first step towards reducing financial stress.

KOFE - Financial Wellness!

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