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If you are enrolled in the student health & dental plan you can access your prescription drug benefits and dental benefits with the myBenefits Card. This means that for eligible benefits, you will only have to pay the co-pay portion of your claim at the time of service. No need to pay upfront and wait for reimbursement. 

The myBenefits Card also works at chiropractic, physiotherapy and vision care, providers but is dependent on each service provider's individual business billing practices.

For quick and easy access, choose the email option, to utilize your card from your mobile device.
If you are a full-time student at Main or affiliate campuses and are taking 3.5 credits you are eligible for the plans, and would have seen this included on your tuition statement.  
MBA students are eligible for the health plan only.  Downloading the myBenefits Card does not confirm eligibility or benefits coverage.   
Please contact the USC Health & Dental Plan Administrator if you are unsure of your enrolment in the plan.

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