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Your Mental Health needs to be your priority! mywellnessplan provides students with tools, and resources to support a balance between student life and Mental Health. Students have access to a free anonymous Mental Health Assessment, video counseling at great rates, financial education, and several other resources.

Online Counselling

Everyone needs someone to talk to, and our online counselling service is a safe, secure, and confidential way for students to speak to a counsellor, matched to their needs, at a time that works best for them.

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mywellnessplan and Inkblot have partnered to bring you an unmatched online counselling service.

Accessing Inkblot counselling services has never been easier!

Create an Account

Create an Account

Fill out our simple registration form and survey.

Find a Counsellor

Find a Counsellor

Choose a counsellor matched specifically to you.

Schedule a Session

Schedule a Session

Your first session is free with no wait times. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

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Speak with your counsellor by attending the session and get the right support.

Online Counselling

Your first initial 15-minute consultation is free with no wait times. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

Online counselling allows students to choose a time that is best suited to their needs and schedule and are available in 30, 60, and 90-minute timeslots. To schedule your appointment, simply select the session time you are most comfortable with!

Session fees

30 minutes


60 minutes


90 minutes


Eligible students enrolled in the extended Health Plan provided by the Western University Students' Council (USC) - PurpleCARE may have insurance coverage for counselling (psychological) services. Inkblot does not offer direct billing therefore you will need to pay for your sessions out of pocket. You can then submit online claims and attach your receipt for reimbursement. Please visit to find out more!

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Action Plan

Students can also access counselling directly through the free and confidential Mental Health Assessment Personalized Action Plan. Students have the option of uploading their assessment results directly to their online counselling profile before their session, which can then be shared with your counsellor so they can better understand the challenges you are facing and the support you may need.

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Address: University Community Centre
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Monday to Friday
From 9:00am to 7:00pm EST
Phone: 1-877-746-5566
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