Student Health & Wellness!mystudentplan is a benefits plan for students and can provide coverage for prescription drugs, vision care, dental care, mental health counseling, and more. The plan is designed to supplement provincial health insurance and provide additional access to medical services.



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Your on-site Student Service Coordinator is available to help you navigate your student health & dental insurance. You can stop by the Benefit Plan Office or contact us via email or phone.

We can help you to understand your plan coverages and coverage period, as well as answer your questions about adding family members or maybe even opting out of your student plan if you already have comparable coverage.

Benefit Plan Office

Notre Dame Campus
2055 Notre Dame Ave
Room CM75C
Winnipeg, Manitoba. R3H 0J9

Roblin Centre EDC
160 Princess Street
SA Office P-110
Winnipeg, Manitoba. R3B 1K9

Email Address

Email us your inquiries about the Health and Dental Plan at:

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Call us to know more about your Health and Dental Plan at:

Notre Dame Campus

Roblin Centre EDC

Please include your student ID number when reach out to the Benefits Plan Office.

The office is open Mondays to Fridays between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The office is closed on statutory holidays.

If your inquiry is Health and Dental coverage related, visit the Plan Details section to know your coverage and the portion covered by the plan.

If your inquiry is Plan Card related, use the Plan Card Registration form to submit your application.

If your inquiry is claims related, you need to contact Canada Life directly via or at 1-800-957-9777. You will require your plan number (50541) and student ID number. Visit the Submitting Claims section to know how to submit receipts for eligible expenses and get reimbursement.

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Chatting with us

Would you rather speak with someone virtually? Click on our Live Chat button and speak with one of our representatives for general benefit plan information.

You can reach us Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 6:00pm CDT.

Insurance Carrier

The insurance carrier for your student health & dental plan is Canada Life. For any claims or coverage inquiries, students must contact Canada Life directly at 1-800-957-9777. You will require your plan number (50541) and student ID number when calling.

If you wish to submit online claims, check balances, or consult claims status and history, visit the Submitting Claims section to know how to submit receipts for eligible expenses and get reimbursement. is the website provided by Canada Life to manage your benefits. To register or sign in, visit

If you're having trouble registering or signing in, Call Canada Life weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET at 1-888-222-0775 or chat with them online weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

Student Association

Red River College Polytechnic Students' Association is about students helping students. Your health & dental benefits plan is only one of the essential programs and services that Red River College Polytechnic Students' Association has available to make sure Red River College Polytechnic students have affordable health & dental coverage and get the support they need to have equal chances at success. To find out more about your Student Society check out the website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bellow you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about the Health and Dental Plan.

The Health and Dental plan is mandatory for all elegible students. The fees are part of your term fees when you are enrolled at Red River College Polytechnic. If you are eligible, you are automatically enrolled in the plan.

To know more about the eligibility criteria, please visit the Plan enrollment section.

Yes, it is. The Health and Dental plans were approved by the student referendum and as a result, are now a requirement of your enrolment at Red River College Polytechnic through your membership in the Students' Association. The plans provide protection and security for eligible students minimizing the effects of injury or ailments. The cost of the plans is included in your institutional fees and the student is automatically enrolled in the plan.

Costs for dental and health services are at an all-time high and show no sign of reprieve. Students on fixed incomes are especially susceptible to these increases, and the last thing they want to spend these fixed monies on is an unforeseen accident, dental or medical procedure. Putting even routine procedures off can have monumental effects for students, as missing classes or study time can have disastrous consequences. Considering these points, theRed River College Polytechnic Students' Association has worked to design and implement a reasonably priced health and dental insurance plan. This plan can aid students in maintaining a quality of health, which can ensure that avoidable medical emergencies do not endanger the pursuit of their studies.

No. The Student Benefits Plan is an extended health and dental plan, which supplements your existing provincial health care. It DOES NOT replace your provincial health care. Student benefits are payable after any provincial health care benefits have been exhausted. This plan does not cover user fees.

All eligible students are automatically enrolled, and you can confirm that by seeing the the health and dental fees on your student account. Students may contact the Benefits Plan Office for eligibility and/or enrollment status at

Coordination of Benefits: Benefits under the two plans can be coordinated to increase your coverage up to a total of 100% of the actual expense(s) incurred. to know more about the Coordination of Benefits, please visit the Plan enrollment section.

Opting Out of the Student Benefits: If you are an eligible student and have comparable health and dental coverage you may apply to opt-out of the plan. All Opt-Out Forms must be completed online and must be received by the applicable deadline.

There is a 45-day validation period from the start of the program for new eligible students or new family members added to the plan. During this time, you would have to pay out of pocket for all eligible Health and Dental expenses and keep the receipts. After the enrollment process is complete, you will be able to submit online claims for reimbursement and your Plan Card will be automatically activated. Please email us with your student ID to obtain the mybenefits card at

The validation period applies only to new students, returning eligible students may continue using the health and dental plan without disruption.

New students on the plan do need to pay out of pocket during the first 60 days of the enrolment period. This includes students who miss a term. Upon your return as a student, if you have missed a term, you are considered a new student on the Benefit plan. Once the enrollment period is completed, Direct billing will be activated for pharmacies & dental offices. You will need to register with Canada Life to activate direct billing for vision care & paramedical services.

Deadlines are firm. Students must opt out, add family, or re-enroll to the plan before the applicable deadlines. For example, if your program starts in September, you must opt-out prior to the end of the Fall deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made if the deadline is missed. It is the student's responsibility to pay the plan fees, should they miss the applicable deadlines. If the deadline is missed, please contact the office to confirm your next opportunity to make changes.

Canada Life offers personal insurance solutions that fit the needs of individuals who are not eligible for the Red River College Polytechnic Students' Association health and dental Plan. If you want to know more about this option, please visit our Personal Insurance solutions.

Yes, You must email us with your student ID to obtain your mybenefits card at Your Plan Card allows you direct billing with pharmacies and dental offices. The office will send you the card to the email provided on the form within 2 business days after the submission. To access direct billing simply show your Plan Card and only pay for the portion not covered by the plan. You can use the electronic card by showing it on your phone or the physical card by printing it.

The card is active for using at pharmacies and dental clinics. If you wish to access direct billing at vision clinics and paramedical practitioners, you must register on Canada Life and update your address.

You must register and complete your profile at To register, click on the register button. Next, click on the select button under the benefits section. Then, complete the form (Plan number 50541 and student ID). After that, complete the online form. Finally, check your email and look for an email from Canada Life to verify that you are the email owner. Please test your username and password by logging in at

It is important to update your address and postal code for direct billing at vision care and paramedical providers and add your banking information to get a direct deposit when you submit online claims. Canada Life takes up to 2 business days to update your account information.

Online claims: You have 12 months from the date the eligible expense is incurred to submit online claims to Canada Life for consideration under your student plan.

Manual claims: You have 15 months from the date the eligible expense is incurred to submit manual claims to Canada Life for consideration under your student plan.

To know more, please visit submitting claims.

Notre Dame Campus

Phone: 204-632-2503
Address: RRCSA Student Benefits Plan Office
Room CM75C
2055 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba. R3H 0J9

Exchange District Campus

Phone: 204-949-8537
Address: The Roblin Centre
SA Office P-110
160 Princess Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba. R3B 1K9


General Inquiries Line

Monday to Friday from 5:00am to 4:00pm PST

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