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myBenefits at a Glance

The highlights below are provided as general information. Coverage for eligible costs is based on the contract detail. More information about the specific coverage is provided in the appropriate section of this website.

Prescription Drugs:  80% reimbursement based on the BCMSP formulary, category E, including most oral contraceptives, diabetic supplies, and more.

Vision:  Eye exams to a maximum of $50 every 24 months. Eye wear or contacts to a maximum of $75 every 24 months. Laser eye surgery to a maximum of $150 per benefit year.

Dental Coverage: up to 100% reimbursement for diagnostic & preventative services (at select dental providers), as well as coverage for fillings (70%), root canals (70%) and more based on the current BC Dental Fee Guide. To a maximum of $750 per benefit year.

Health Practitioners: Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, Dietician, Naturopath and more, to a maximum of $20/visit and $400 per category per benefit year - some services require a referral.

Tutorial: 80% reimbursement for tutoring costs when due to illness or injury up to $2,500 per benefit year.

Travel Insurance: $5 million of coverage for emergencies and illnesses while travelling, including coverage for trip cancellation and trip interruption.

Medical Equipment & Services: covered to reasonable and customary amounts for ambulance, equipment such as wheel chairs, braces, orthotics and more.