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Prescripton Drug

The drug plan covers 80% of the cost of most medications legally requiring a prescription.


The prescription drug benefit is based on the BCMSP Formulary – Category E. Smoking Cessation Products are covered at 80% up to $500 per benefit year. A physician’s prescription is required. The maximum amount payable to an eligible brand name drug will be limited to the lowest priced item in the appropriate generic category. 

IMPORTANT! Advise your doctor and pharmacist that you are on the BCMSP Formulary – Category E.

Vaccinations are covered at 100% up to $150 per benefit year. Administration costs associated with providing the injection are not covered.



The Fair PharmaCare program in British Columbia is intended to provide greater financial assistance to British Columbians for eligible prescription drugs and designated medical supplies. You must be a resident of the Province of British Columbia with an MSP number. The new approach focuses PharmaCare financial assistance to British Columbians who need it most - the lower your income, the more assistance the government will provide for your prescription drugs.

By coordinating the benefits from BC Fair PharmaCare and the Student Health Plan, many enrolled students will enjoy lower out-of-pocket charges for their eligible prescription drugs.

Students with net income less than $15,000 in the previous taxation year, who have registered for BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) on their own, not under their family, will enjoy the greatest benefit. PharmaCare will pay 70% of eligible prescription drug charges from the first dollar charged to the student and the Student Benefits Plan will pay up to 80% of the remainder!

To Immediately Obtain Your Fair PharmaCare Registration Number:

Have ready your BC CareCard number, your net income from 2 years ago, social insurance number and birth date. Dial (604) 683-7151 or 1-800-663-7100 or visit

In the event that the drugs covered are not effective in treating the condition, an exception process is in place. To be eligible for an exception, you must have tried one alternative drug listed on the Formulary. An exception application form is available by clicking here or from your on-campus Health & Dental Plan Office and must be completed by your physician. Completed forms may be returned to your on-campus Health & Dental Plan Office or can be mailed directly to the insurance company.