Health care for international students in Canada! mycanadaplan protects you from the cost of unexpected medical expenses. Whether you need to see a doctor, go to a clinic, or visit a hospital, mycanadaplan has you covered. Your study abroad experience should be worry-free.

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Are you covered by the Nova Scotia Provincial Health Care program - MSI card? Eligible Students may submit an online form.

International Medical Plan Opt-Out

International students that obtain provincial health care coverage (MSI) are eligible to opt-out of the International Medical Plan by completing this online form. The opt-out is an is an annual opt-out. You will be re-enrolled next year and if you wish to opt-out again you will need to complete a new opt-out form each school year.

Important notes:
  • Students who opt-out of the International Medical Plan will no longer be able to submit claims to this program. It is important for students to contact the Benefits Plan Office should they have outstanding health expenses that occurred prior to obtaining MSI coverage. Opting out may result in those expenses not being covered by either program.
  • It is the student's responsibility to renew their MSI card and submit a new copy of the card to the Benefits Plan Office. Students whose MSI coverage is not renewed or who fail to update the Benefits Plan Office with their new MSI card will be re-enrolled in the International Medical Plan Plan and the fees will be added to your student account.
  • NO EXCEPTIONS will be made if a renewed MSI card is not received on time. It is the student's responsibility to pay the plan's mandatory fees, should they not submit the MSI card to the Benefits Plan Office.
  • Once you complete the International Medical Plan opt-out form, you will receive an automated email confirmation. Please keep this email for your records as it is your only proof of submitting an opt-out request.
  • Submitting this form does not confirm that you have successfully opted out. Your opt-out is pending until the Benefits Plan Office receives confirmation from the insurer that your coverage has been cancelled.

Add to your address book. Please do not reply to this email.

Before submitting your online form, please read the Terms and Conditions.

Questions? Please contact your Benefit Plan Office:

International Medical Plan Opt-Out Form

Student Information

Date of Birth
Phone Number

STFXSU Benefits Plan Office

Address: 5555 Union Place
4th Floor Bloomfield Centre, Room 403
Antigonish, Nova Scotia. B2G 2W5

General Inquiries Line

Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 9:00pm AST

Phone: 1-877-746-5566 Ext. 7249