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Knowledge of Financial Education


dds Being a student is expensive and worrying about finances can be extremely stressful! 42% of Canadians rank money as the primary source of stress in their life.
At a time when you need to be able to focus on your studies and preparing for your future; the stress of finances can have a very negative impact on your overall mental health

We want to help!

mywellness offers students the support they need to take control of their finances to feel more empowered and in turn reduce the stress that often comes from worrying about money.
KOFE is a FREE program that provides Knowledge of Financial Education to students through various online and in person supports. Students can access KOFE by visiting and get immediate access to the following resources:

· Online Learning – a video library, financial publications, budgeting tools
· Webinars and Seminars – Customized on-demand webinars
· Financial Coaching – Free and unlimited financial coaching. Personalized on-on-one interaction with trained KOFE coaches
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