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Enter the Drug Identification Number (DIN) or Drug Name of the prescription medication you are looking to confirm.

Should the prescription drug you are searching for not be covered by the plan, you may be eligible to complete a Drug Exception Request.

In the event that the drugs available on the Formulary are not effective in treating the condition, an exception process is in place. To be eligible for an exception, you must have tried one alternative drug that is eligible on the Formulary. An exception drug request form is available below or from your Benefits Plan Office and must be completed by your physician. Completed forms may be returned to your Benefits Plan Office, can be faxed directly to the insurance company, or sent via email to

Request for Coverage of Exception Status Drug form

IMPORTANT! Your drug plan may have certain exclusions regardless if showing eligible under the prescription search tool. Please refer to the exclusions section for further details.

PLEASE NOTE: The carrier requires additional forms for some medications within the Prescription Search Tool. This tool is based on the NASA (National and Special Authorization) formulary. The pharmacist will be informed if special authorization is required when they attempt to bill the carrier; a message indicating that the medication requires a “Special Authorization Form” will appear on their screen.

If this happens, please contact the Benefits Plan Office for the necessary form(s) for your physician to complete. This form must be submitted to and approved by the carrier in order for it the be covered by the plan.

Drug Identification Numbers must be 8 digits. If you have a DIN less then 8 digits, pre-fill with zeros.

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