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Student Health & Wellness!mystudentplan is a benefits plan for students and can provide coverage for prescription drugs, vision care, dental care, mental health counseling, and more. The plan is designed to supplement provincial health insurance and provide additional access to medical services.


Select Savings

Students can save money on certain eligible services if they visit one of our select members that offer specific discounts for students enrolled in the plan. You are not limited to these networks.

Service Members

Find a Practitioner/Pharmacy

USC Student Services on Campus

The University Students' Council (USC), University of Western Ontario (UWO), has been working to offer different services for all students on campus. The following are the services that you can access on your campus:



You've come to the right place for a quick, professional prescription service… and we now operate a FULL-SERVICE post office on location.

Campus Vision

Campus Vision

Campus Vision provides eye care services to students, staff & the public.

UCC Dental

UCC Dental

UCC Dental is a full-service dental office, conveniently located in the lower level of the UCC Building right here at Western.

Free the Dot.

Free the Dot.

Menstrual products are not a luxury- they are a necessity. Period.

Western Chiropractic

Western Chiropractic

At Western Chiropractic, we are committed to providing every patient with exceptional care in a compassionate and friendly atmosphere.

Western Dietician

Western Dietician

Western Dietitian Services provides you with on-campus nutrition professionals. We offer counselling for students, faculty and staff. Conveniently located inside the Wellness Education Centre.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services is a family doctors office for students while they are at school. We function similar to other family doctors offices being appointment based and accepting provincial health insurance like OHIP, as well as UHIP for international students.

We provide medical services such as immunizations, contraception, acute or chronic illness treatment, and we also provide psychiatry and other mental health counselling.

Pharmacy Networks

Students can save on drug costs and dispensing fees if they go to one of the specific pharmacies listed below!

If you choose to visit another pharmacy, not on our list, you will still be covered by your student Plan, but may have a higher out-of-pocket cost.

Please review the details of the pharmacy network to find out how you can save money now:

Rexall pharmacies

Rexall Pharmacy, Be Well Program and Rexall Direct

Students enrolled in the Student Health and Dental Plan, are eligible for the Rexall savings program on eligible medications reimbursed through your student Health Plan and select Rexall brand products.

Sobeys and Safeway Pharmacies

Sobeys and Safeway

Students enrolled in the Student Health and Dental Plan, who have the Sobeys drug card can automatically get a preferred dispensing fee/price reduction when filling their prescription at any Sobeys Pharmacy location in Canada.

Metro and Food Basics Pharmacies

Metro and Food Basics

Students enrolled in the Student Health and Dental plan, are enrolled in HealthWorks - Preferred Provider Network that allows students to save on their prescriptions at any Metro or Food Basics pharmacy in Ontario.

Alliance Pharmacy Group

Alliance Pharmacy Group

Students enrolled in the Student Health and Dental Plan, are allowed to create an account to automatically get the dispensing fee and markup discounts on prescription drugs when visit the Alliance Pharmacy.

Vision Network

We have a network of Iris Optometry which provides students with savings on services.

Iris Optometry Practice

IRIS logo

All IRIS locations have reopened! Our Opticians, Optometrists and associates are looking forward to welcoming IRIS Advantage members to their locations and providing eye examinations, new eyewear and contact lenses.

IRIS has implemented rigorous health and safety measures in all of our locations. Please note, in order to ensure that safe distancing and thorough sanitizing can take place, all services are now being provided by appointment only. Call your local IRIS location to book a convenient time Find a Location or use our online booking system: Book An Eye Exam.

The following short video will let you know what to expect when you visit your IRIS location. Please take a moment to watch.

The IRIS network of professionals includes over 500 Opticians, Optometrists and Ophthalmologists at over 160 locations. Their professionals maintain the highest standards of technical skills and are equipped with the latest advances in eye care technology.

Please click here to access the Welcome Letter for details on the eyecare savings and how to register for the IRIS Advantage Program.

*Please note that your Plan Card will be requested when you visit an IRIS store and redeem your offers.

As a member of your student benefit plan, you are entitled to receive eyecare benefits through the IRIS Advantage program. There is no cost to you to receive these benefits and are combinable with any existing extended health plan you are currently using. When you registered yourself and your family members, you would have received, via email a confirmation along with your offers as an attachment to the confirmation email. Where possible, we can direct bill insurance providers.

These benefits are applicable to any additional dependents in your household that are on your student benefit plan.

These benefits are redeemable at any IRIS location across Canada.

Advantage Benefits are:

  • $150.00 IRIS Certificate*: Redeemable towards the purchase of prescription eyeglasses a pair of fully coated prescription lenses
  • $150.00 IRIS Certificate*: Redeemable towards the purchase of prescription eyeglasses a pair of fully coated prescription lenses
  • $150.00 IRIS Certificate*: Redeemable towards the purchase of prescription eyeglasses a pair of fully coated prescription lenses
  • $50 IRIS Certificate*: Redeemable towards the purchase of a pair of progressive lenses
  • $25 IRIS Certificate*: Redeemable towards the purchase of a pair single vision lenses
  • $50.00 IRIS Certificate*: Redeemable towards the purchase of non-prescription sunglasses (valued at $100.00 or more.)
  • $50.00 IRIS Certificate*: Redeemable towards the purchase of annual supply of contact lenses.
  • $250 IRIS Certificate: Redeemable for laser eye surgery both eyes or $250 per eye for specific intraocular lens replacement. (Available at our Ophthalmology Clinic in Laval, Quebec only)

The small print:

  • These benefits can be used for multiple purchases.
  • These benefits cannot be combined with any other IRIS promotions.
  • These benefits cannot be used towards services such as Eye Examinations.
  • Only 1 (one) Advantage offer per purchase

A current prescription (not more than 24 months old) must be provided for the purchase of prescription eyewear. If your prescription is older than 24 months, you will need to make an appointment with your Optometrist, or with an IRIS Optometrist for a complete eye examination.

In addition to an exceptional customer experience they will enjoy all of the benefits IRIS offers including our IRIS warranties and No-Matter-What Guarantee, and options for interest free financing.

These benefits can be redeemed at any IRIS location across Canada.

How do I access the IRIS Advantage Program?

Please see the Welcome Letter to register for the savings and please present your drug card when visiting any IRIS location

Dental Network

We have a network of select Dentists who provide students with savings on services. To take advantage of the savings brought to you by your student organization, use "Find a Practitioner" to access a Select Partner in your area.

Benefit year maximum of $750 and specific limits may also apply.

Dentists accessed through the network will offer the following savings:

Coverage Insured Portion* Dental Partner Savings Total Coverage

Diagnostic and Preventative

Annual exam: diagnosis, x-rays, up to 1 unit of polishing per benefit year, and 4 units of scaling once per benefit year.

80% 20% 100%

Minor Restorative

Fillings, amalgam, silicate and composite fillings, and tooth-coloured fillings.

80% 20% 100%

Oral Surgery

Extractions of impacted teeth and/or residual roots.

Minor surgical procedures, simple extractions and post surgical care.

50% 20% 70%

Endodontic & Periodontic

Root canal therapy, periodontal root planning

10% 20% 30%


80% 20% 100%

* Important note: Payment is based upon the General Practitioners Dental Association suggested fee minus 1 year. Dentists are not restricted to the fee guide the insurance company uses. Therefore, total coverage may not be exactly as shown. Discount not applicable to laboratory fees.

Dentists have partnered with mystudentplan to help you get the most out of your student Health Plan. If you choose to visit a dentist, not on our list, you will still be covered by your student Plan, but may have a higher out-of-pocket cost.

You must present your Plan Card at each visit.

USC Benefits Plan Office

Address: University Community Centre
Room #320
1151 Richmond St
London, Ontario N6A 2K5

General Inquiries Line

Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 7:00pm EST

Phone: 1-877-746-5566 Ext. 7249