Student Health & Wellness!mystudentplan is a benefits plan for students and can provide coverage for prescription drugs, vision care, dental care, mental health counseling, and more. The plan is designed to supplement provincial health insurance and provide additional access to medical services.


Submitting Claims

Have receipts for eligible expenses after the effective date of your plan? There are a couple of options to get reimbursed.

Online and Mobile Claims

If you have receipts for eligible expenses, there are a couple of options to get reimbursed. The online claims process is the quickest and easiest way to get your money back for the portion that is covered by the plan. To know the portion covered by the plan, please visit Plan Details.


The online claims process is the quickest and easiest way to be reimbursed for your eligible expenses. ClaimSecure provides an online experience through eProfile. Member eProfile is the easy, environmentally-friendly way to manage your persnal health claims information online! To enjoy the convinicence of ClaimSecure's secure online services, you will first need to set up you own personal Member eProfile account. Registration is easy - no forms to complete, no softwate to download, and not serveys to respond to.

It is important to register on ClaimSecure once your plan is active. For new students, there are up to 45 days from the start date of your term for the enrollment process to be completed.

All students who are enrolled in the student health & dental plan are required to register with ClaimSecure and create your profile to obtain your myBenefits eCard, as well as online and mobile claims access.

Within minutes of signing up for eProfile, you can take advantage of all the great benefits it has to offer:

  • Get the status of your submitted claims
  • Learn more about managing your personal health
  • Speed up claims payment with direct deposit
  • understand your plan coverage
  • Submit questions about your coverage
  • Plis much more!
Getting started with Member eProfile™

To register on eProfile, you need to folowing these steps:

Step 1

Open your Internet Browser and go to to start your registration.

Step 2

You have to read, understand, and agree with the terms and conditions before registering your Member eProfile.

Step 3

Decide if you wish to create your wellness profile. The Wellness Profile is your opportunity to identify and receive educational material, coupons, and other information related to health topics of your choice.

Step 4

Complete the online form with your information and make sure that the details match the university's records. Once you have completed your information, create the security questions.

You will require the following information:

  • Username - You need to create a username to access your Member e Profile.
  • Last Name - Your legal Last Name (Make sure that match the University's records).
  • First Name - Your legal First Name (Make sure that match the University's records).
  • Date of Birth (Make sure that match the University's records).
  • Group ID - type this number 635957.
  • Certificate Number - This is your 6-digit Student ID followed by '00TY' (i.e. 12345600TY, please note there are zeros in front of the TY).
  • Email Address - You can use your personal or school email address.

Step 5

Complete the backing information to get direct deposit when you submit your online claims.

Step 6

Setup the alerts and notifications by completing the contact information and optional alert forms. Once you complete these steps, you will be ready to manage your Member eProfile.

To learn more about registering, you can visit and to connect with instructional videos

Get the eMobile App

Access your plan information even when you are on the go, thanks to our Member eProfile eMobile app for Smartphones. Claims history, payment details, benefit and patient totals, and HSSA balances can be accessed easily and securely.


Use the PhotoClaims app to take a picture of your receipts and immediately submit for reimbursement, it is that easy!

Manual Claim Forms

To submit a paper claim form, you need to download and complete the form. Then, attach the paper claim form, the original receipts, and other documents to support your claim. You must mail the package to ClaimSecure. Remember to keep a copy of all documents mailed for your records.

  • Health Claim Form: If your claim is related to Health services included in the plan such as prescription drugs, ambulance services, paramedical, medical equipment, or vision expenses, please download and complete the Health Claim Form
  • Dental Claim Form: If your claim is related to Dental services included in the plan, please download, and complete the Dental Claim Form

The following information is required on the claim form:

  • Group Number: 635957
  • Group or Employer: Tyndale University
  • Certificate Number or ID Number: Your 6-digit student ID followed by '00TY' (i.e. 12345600TY, please note there are zeros in front of the TY)
  • Division / Section number: Not Applicable Leave Blank

Please mail your manual claim to ClaimSecure at the following address:

ClaimSecure Inc.
P.O. Box 6500 Station A
Sudbury, Ontario
P3A 5N5

You can also email your manual claim at

We encourage all eligible students to submit online claims because it is the easiest and quickest way to get your reimbursement.

Pay-Direct Claims

Pay direct allows service providers to directly bill ClaimSecure for eligible expenses. Direct billing is dependent on each service provider's billing practices.

For direct billing at pharmacies, dental clinics, vision care, and paramedical providers, you must register with ClaimSecure and create a Member eProfile.

To access direct billing, students must show their benefits ecard at the provider's office and just pay the portion that is not covered by the plan. If you do not have your Benefits eCard yet, you must complete the registration form online at to obtain your myBenefit eCard.

Policy Information

ClaimSecureThe insurance carrier for your student health & dental plan is ClaimSecure. For any claims or coverage inquiries, students must contact ClaimSecure directly at 1-888-513-4464. You will require your plan number (635957) and student ID/Certificate number when calling.

The following information is for your Extended Healthcare Benefits & Dental Plan:

  • Group Number: 635957
  • Group or Employer: Tyndale University
  • Certificate Number or ID Number: Your 6-digit student ID followed by '00TY' (i.e. 12345600TY)

If you wish to submit online claims, check balances, or consult claims status and history, visit the Submitting Claims section to know how to submit receipts for eligible expenses and get reimbursement.

ClaimSecure is the online platform provided by ClaimSecure to manage your benefits. If you have not registered on Member eProfile yet, please visit to complete your registration. If you already have registered and had an account, please visit to access your Member eProfile.

If you are having trouble registering or signing in, Call ClaimSecure weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET at 1-888-513-4464 for further assistance.

Tyndale U Benefits Plan Office

Address: Weber Street North
Waterloo, Ontario. N2L 6J2

General Inquiries Line

Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 7:00pm EST

Phone: 1-877-746-5566 Ext. 7249