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myBenefits Card Registration Form

The myBenefits Card is an important piece of identification that will ease access to your benefits. All eligible students must complete the myBenefits Card Registration Form. This multi-purpose card provides your policy information for submission of claims at both the Pharmacy and some Dental Offices.

To obtain your myBenefits Card you must first register for BC Fair Pharmacare. Once your registration is completed simply complete the form below. Unless you are an International student or from out of province, please list your home province or country of residence.

Please allow 2-3 business days for processing.

Set up your online insurance account to use all Plan Card features, click here to learn more about Pay-direct claims and Online and Mobile Claims. 

Student Information

Date of Birth
Phone Number
Program Start Date
  • British Columbian Students - Please list your BC Fair PharmaCare Number
  • Out of Province Students - Please list your home province
  • International Students - Please list your country of residence
Please indicate how you would like to access your benefits card

Enrolment in the Student Health and Dental plan is not guaranteed by submitting this form; The Student must be enrolled into an eligible full-time program. Should you have any questions regarding the enrolment process please contact the BCITSA Health & Dental Plan Office prior to submitting this form.

I understand the information provided above is required in order to obtain the said pay direct drug card. I hereby authorize and consent to the use, release, and exchange of the above information between the institution, the student organization, the Student Service Co-ordinator, Gallivan & Associates, BCE Emergis Assure Health Division, and the insurance carrier(s) to be used solely in connection with the Student Benefits Plan. I confirm that all the information provided herein is accurate. I also understand that the Student Service Coordinator may need to notify the institution to find out whether or not I have paid for the plan.

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