Health care for international students in Canada! mycanadaplan protects you from the cost of unexpected medical expenses. Whether you need to see a doctor, go to a clinic, or visit a hospital, mycanadaplan has you covered. Your study abroad experience should be worry-free.

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Your on-site Student Service Coordinator is available to help you navigate your International Medical Plan. You can stop by the Benefit Plan Office or contact us via email or phone.

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In the event of an emergency, you or someone on your behalf must call IA Financial - IA Assist Plan to start the claim process and to make sure that you get the care you need. Toll-Free +1 866-472-8356 or Collect +1 647-288-3065.

Insurance Carrier

St. Francis Xavier University - International Student Medical - IA Financial

Organization: St. Francis Xavier University

In the event of an emergency contact IA Financial - IA Assist Plan for assistance at:
Toll Free: +1 866-472-8356
Direct Dial Collect: +1 647-288-3065

Emergency Assistance

If you are an international student enrolled in the International Medical Plan and are seeking emergency medical assistance, please contact IA Financial - IA Assist Plan directly.

If a student needs immediate medical attention, please advise them to call 911 immediately.

Contact IA Financial - IA Assist Plan for assistance at:
Toll Free: +1 866-472-8356
Direct Dial Collect: +1 647-288-3065

Student members are to always keep their Wallet Card for the International Medical Plan on them. It shows their Name, Policy Number and ID required for verification on the call and at a hospital or clinic, including emergency numbers.

International Medical Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Bellow you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about the International Medical Plan.

Students must contact IA Financial - IA Assist Plan call center directly at +1 866-883-9485 or email to inquire about a submitted claim. All information related to your submitted claim, claim details and reimbusement eligibility will be communicated by email by an IA Financial - IA Assist Plan Case Manager. All international claims should be submitted to by email, if not directly billed by the clinic or hosptial visited. Your NSCC Student Benefits Plan Office does not have access to your claim's details. General inquiries can be emailed to

Students must contact the NSCC Benefits Plan Office for eligibility and/or enrolment status by emailing

Costs for emergency services are at an all-time high and show no sign of reprieve. Students studying abroad and on fixed incomes are especially susceptible to medical expenses, and the last thing they want to spend these fixed monies on is an unforeseen accident, or emergency medical occurrence while studying in Canada.

Considering these points, the Nova Scotia Community College has worked to design and implement a reasonably priced International Medical Plan for a temporary coverage period while student application for MSI (Nova Scotia’s Provincial Health Care program) is processed. This plan will assist students in dealing with unforeseen medical expenses that can arise as a result of emergency medical care, accident or illness and provide support while maintaining their educational goals.

With a mandatory plan, the insurance risk is spread over a larger number of students, thereby lowering the cost per student, making the fee in a range that is affordable to students. An individual International Medical Plan can cost as much as 5 times the current student fee.

No, although it is similar. Your International Medical Plan provides similar coverage as to residents with provincial health care in that your emergency plan covers for emergency medical care, injury or accidents that are unforeseen while studying and residing in the province. Provincial health care in Nova Scotia provides coverage for doctor insured services under the province in the event of an emergency medical occurrence or physician visits.

The fees for the international emergency will be automatically assessed by the institution at registration. The International Medical Plan insurance is mandatory for all international students attending Nova Scotia Community College.

STFXSU Benefits Plan Office

Address: 5555 Union Place
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