Student Health and Wellness! mystudentplan provides health, prescriptions, dental, mental health care plus additional benefits for eligible students.


My Canada Life Online Tool

You can get what you need anywhere, at home, college or on the go.

Canada Life provides an online tool that makes it easy to access your Student Benefits Plan, submit claims and receive claim payments, and check coverage balances.

Manage your benefits through your computer or mobile devices.

Set up direct deposit to receive claim payments directly into your bank account.

Enter your complete address to activate direct billing with vision clinics and practitioners.

Find out what your benefits plan covers and check plan usage and balances remaining.

Submit pre-authorization forms and online claims and avoid the process of completing paper forms and mailing them.

Track the status and history of your claims, and get notified when a claim has been processed.

My Benefits Card

The faster and easier way to use your benefits without completing claims forms and waiting for cheques in the mail or direct deposit in your bank account.

By presenting your Benefits Card and your valid Student ID card, the service providers will send your claim electronically, the insurance carrier will pay the covered amount, and you only pay the portion not covered.

Direct billing is based on the service provider's billing practices and whether they are set up for direct billing.

How to get your Benefits Card

Complete the card generator form by proving your full name as it appears on the college files and your student ID number without letters. Download or print your benefits card to get direct billing.

Tips to ensure your Benefits Card work well for you:

  • Save your benefits card on your mobile to access it anytime.
  • Confirm with the service providers if they offer direct billing.
  • Present the benefits card when you are accessing benefits.
  • Identify the Plan Number and the Certificate Number listed on the card.
  • If you purchased family coverage, your dependents would use the student's card.
  • Enrollment is not guaranteed by having the Benefits Card, please confirm enrollment before using.

Direct Billing Providers

Find a provider nearby who can submit your claims directly to Canada Life. You do not have to download or complete forms; and, you only pay for the portion not covered by the plan. Present your benefits card when you arrive at the provider's location.

You are not required to visit one of the providers in this listing, you can use your benefits anywhere in Canada, this is to help you find a provider if you do not have one.

My Canada Life Registration

Haven't registered yet? Registering is easy, simple, and only takes a few minutes.

My Canada Life Online Tool - Log in page screenshot

1. Open the Online Tool

Registering is easy! Simply open on your web browser and click the register button.

The My Canada Life Online Tool is the faster way to get your reimbursement. Make the most of your plan and register now!

My Canada Life Online Tool - Register page screenshot

2. Select a Service

Before you start, Canada Life needs more information about the product that you are registering for.

Click on the Select button under the Benefits information. Please do not select Savings or Both, these are not services included in your Student Benefits Plan.

My Canada Life Online Tool - Select a Service page screenshot

3. Confirm Enrollment

Provide the plan information and your personal details:

  • Plan Number: 59355
  • Certificate Number: Student ID number without letters

If you receive the message "We couldn't find your file at the moment," it indicates that either the validation period is incomplete or you are ineligible for the plan. Email us at to confirm eligibility.

My Canada Life Online Tool - Confirm Enrollment page screenshot

4. Complete the Form

Provide your personal details, your name as it appears on the college files and your personal or school email.

Next, provide the account information and create login credentials. To finish, check the terms and conditions box and click on the Continue button.

My Canada Life Online Tool - Online Form page screenshot

5. Activate your Account

You will receive an email from Canada Life with a link to verify your email. Click on the link in the eamil to activate your account.

You must verify the ownership of the email used in the form. Your account will be not activate if you do not open the link.

My Canada Life Online Tool - Email screenshot

6. Login the App

Congratulations! You are registered. Log in to begin navigating your benefits.

Use the username and password created to log in My Canada Life Online Tool. Don't forget to update your address and postal con in your profile.

Canada Life takes 2 business days to update that information on the system.

If you're having trouble registering or signing in, Call Canada Life weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET at 1-888-222-0775

Submitting Online Claims

The online claims process is the quickest and easiest way to get your refund for the portion that is covered by your plan.

My Canada Life Online Tool - Log in page screenshot

1. Log in

Open My Canada Life Online Tool in your web browser or mobile app and log in with the username and password created.

My Canada Life Online Tool - Log in page screenshot

2. Start a Claim

On the main menu, click on the Make a Claim option, then click on the Start a Claim button.

Have your receipts and any supporting documents handy.

My Canada Life Online Tool - Select patient page screenshot

3. Select the Patient

On the dropdown box, choose the person who the claim is for. If you have added your dependents to your plan, your dependents will be on the list. Otherwise, you only see your name.

My Canada Life Online Tool - Claim type page screenshot

4. Select Claim Type

You need to select one of the claims online forms to start, carefully read each option and click on the services or benefits that you are going to claim.

Note that your plan may not include coverage for all the claim types shown on the image or your account.

My Canada Life Online Tool - Provider information page screenshot

5. Enter the Provider Information

You must complete the online form to provide the name, address, postal code, and other information required to process your claim. Make sure that provide the same information that you have in your receipt.

Then, you must answer a few yes or not questions about the claim.

My Canada Life Online Tool - Claim expense page screenshot

6. Enter the Expense and Submit the Claim

You must click on add the expense button and complete the form. The system shows the information that you need to complete.

You can include up to 7 expenses if from the same provider. Then, you must upload the receipt and other supporting documents to process your claim.

To finish, click on the submit button.

Submitting Paper Claims

The manual claims process could take 4-6 weeks to get reimbursed. You must download and complete the appropriate form, then mail it to Canada Life.

Health Claim Form

Use this form to make a claim for expenses such as prescriptions, vision care, ambulance services, paramedical services, or medical equipment.

Dental Claim Form

Use this form to make a claim for dental expenses. You'll need the dentist to fill in some sections.

Submitting Paper Claims


Download and complete the appropriate claim form. Compile all receipts and supporting documents.


Mail all your claim documents to:

Canada Life
Winnipeg Benefits Payments
PO Box 3050 Station Main
Winnipeg, Manitoba. R3C 0E6


If your claim is approved, a cheque will be mailed to you. if your claim is denied, you will be notified by mail.

Please note: You have 15 months from the date the eligible expense is incurred to submit manual claims to Canada Life for consideration under your student plan.


Pre-authorization is when a form is submitted for a health care service, treatment plan, prescription drug, or medical equipment or supply to pre-determine whether or not it is covered by the plan.

Drug Exception Request

Download and complete the Drug Exception Request Form to request coverage of a drug that is not automatically covered under the drug plan. Before downloading and completing this form, please use our Prescription Drug Search Tool to find out if your medication is covered by the plan.

Drug Prior Authorization

Use this form to request coverage of a drug that is covered by the plan but has a note advising you that prior authorization is required after using the Prescription Drug Search Tool.

Medical Equipment and Supplies

Download and complete the Health Claim Form to request coverage of medical equipment, appliances, and services covered by the plan. This form must be completed by the student and a physician's referral is required.